how to draw Kai from Ninjago

Draw an inverted "U" with curved lines for the top of Kai's head and a scarf covering his face.

Create Kai's band by connecting two curved lines overlapping the face edge with wavy lines.

Draw a small rectangle and two curved lines to create Kai's face peeking from behind his headwrap.

Draw lines to enclose Kai's torso, add a belt with knot and creases, and connect to head with three small shapes.

Create diagonal lines in both directions on the torso, with a small circle and diamond on one side.

Draw a narrow rectangle under the torso to form one of Kai's legs, and extend a straight line from the side.

Enclose a second rectangle, forming the remaining leg.

The wide collar of her jester costume is made by looping a long, curved line in a scalloped pattern.

Use curved lines to enclose Kai's arms, add crescent moon shapes for hands, and rectangles for feet with diagonal banding.

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You too can easily draw Kai from Ninjago following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Kai from Ninjago with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.