how to draw Kermit the Frog step-by-step

Begin by drawing Kermit's head. Outline a round shape that protrudes slightly at the chin and cheeks.

Draw Kermit's eyes, by outlining a round shape, shading a small circle, and adding a curved line.

Draw Kermit's mouth with two "U" shaped lines and a "U" shaped tongue outline.

Use a series of "V" shaped lines to outline Kermit's collar.

Draw an oval to outline Kermit's body.

Outline Kermit's arm using "V" shaped lines and a series of curved lines for his hand and fingers.

Draw Kermit's arm and hand using "V" shaped lines, then add fingers with curved and narrowly spaced lines, erasing guide lines.

Create a curved "V" shaped outline for Kermit's bent leg and use small "V" shapes for toes.

Use curved lines to draw Kermit's remaining leg and foot. Enclose the toes using a series of small "V" shaped lines.

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You too can easily draw Kermit the Frog following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Kermit the Frog with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.