how to draw Lavender step-by-step

You too can easily draw Lavender following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Lavender with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.

Start by drawing a blossom with overlapping "U" shaped lines for petals, connecting with a curved "V" at the bottom.

Draw 2 curved lines above the initial leaf and "V" line, followed by more "U" shaped petals for multiple lavender flowers.

Complete the third flower with "U" shaped petals and add a cherry blossom shape above with curved lines connecting the petals.

Create a floral drawing with a heart-shaped sepal, "U" shaped lines, heart-shaped top, and curved stems.

Draw curved lines to create a leaf and five-petaled blossom with a starburst, followed by two layers of "U"-shaped blossoms.

Draw a leaf with curved lines, sharpened on both sides, then add three layers of "U" lines above the stem.

Draw the third stem with curved lines for the stem and leaves, enclose sepals, and begin inverted "U" lines.

Complete the "U" shaped petals, and draw a five-petaled blossom above it. Then, draw the second layer of "U" shaped petals.

Complete the third stem with several layers of "U" shaped petals.

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