how to draw a Lily of the Valley

Draw a pair of long, wavy, parallel lines. At the top, curve the lines so that they form a hooked shape. This will form the flower's stem.

Create a "U" shape with parallel, curved lines and a "V" shape with inward-angled lines for a three-petal blossom.

Draw another set of parallel lines, add a flower and three petals, and repeat for a second blossom.

Extend two more sets of narrowly spaced, parallel lines from the stem. Draw a flower at the tip of each.

Draw another two parallel lines from the stem and add three petals at the end of each.

Fill in any empty spots with an additional flower.

Draw the lily of the valley's large leaf with three curved lines converging above the blossoms.

Create a second smaller leaf on the opposite of the stem with three curved lines and an irregular shape for depth.

Use curved lines to drawn veins on each leaf.

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You too can easily draw a Lily of the Valley following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Lily of the Valley with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.