how to draw Llama from Fortnite

Sketch the llama's head with a series of lines, a circle for the snout, and a narrow rectangle for the lower jaw.

Enclose two narrow rectangles connected to the snout and back of head for Llama's harness.

Create 3D llama face by extending lines from head, snout, and harness, then add nostrils and curved rectangle for jaw.

Draw a papier-mâché llama neck with short lines and a curved center line.

Create a 3D square with lines extending from its corners, and use incomplete squares to enclose the Llama's body.

Draw a box with two half-circles at the bottom, a rectangle with an upward-facing arrow above, and two tiny rectangles at the top.

Draw a papier-mâché Llama with “L” shaped lines and a wavy, ribbon-like tail.

Draw Llama legs, extend 3 parallel lines, connect with short lines, and add straight lines for hooves.

Illustrate Llama's facial features - large circle for eye, small shaded circle for pupil, curved lines for long ears and inner ear details.

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You too can easily draw Llama from Fortnite following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Llama from Fortnite with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.