how to draw Magnolia Flowers

Draw a stem with two diverging parallel lines and two parallel "V" shapes on top.

Two irregular curved shapes enclosed at the tip of a stem form the flower's base, with one shape being smaller.

Draw a large, irregular shape and use a curved line to partially cover a similar shape, forming first petals.

Using curved lines, enclose a small, pointed petal and another elongate petal on the side of the second flower.

Sketch a pair of curved lines to enclose large and small petals of flowers.

Extend another pair of curved, parallel lines from the split in the stem, forming another twig.

Enclose a pair of narrow, curved petals and a larger petal with smaller petals peeking behind.

Start with one curved line for the central vein, enclose it with two curved lines for the leaf.

Create textural interest in flowers by drawing diagonal, curved, and straight lines on petals, leaves, and stem.

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You too can easily draw Magnolia Flowers following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Magnolia Flowers with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.