how to draw a Man in Suit step-by-step

Draw a man's face, outlining the eyes, shading the pupils, and sketching facial features.

Curved lines are used to outline the man's face and the ear is drawn with a "C" shape including its interior.

Draw curved lines to enclose the head and form the neck, then connect them with a "V" shaped line for the suit's opening.

Draw triangles on each side of the opening and a pentagon above, then a curved line forms the lapels and the front of the suit.

Create a curved line to outline the arm, adding a pocket and finishing with a line between the arm and torso.

Sketch the arm with curved lines, including the shoulder seam, elbow bend, torso side, and shirt details.

For the shirt collar, draw curved lines from the neck to lapel, straight lines for tie, rectangles for pockets, and circles for buttons.

Draw a pair of curved lines to form the pant leg and add "V" shaped lines, folds, and details.

Outline the remaining pants leg, indicate fabric folds with curved lines, and enclose the boot shape.

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You too can easily draw a Man in Suit following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Man in Suit with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.