how to draw  a Man step-by-step

Sketch head shape with curved line, "C" for ear, add horizontal, vertical lines for features.

Draw ovals for eyes, curved line for eyebrows, "L" shaped line for nose, long curved line for mouth, curved lines for ear.

Remove face guidelines and create layered locks of hair using overlapping curved lines.

Draw lines to create the guy's neck, draw parallel curved lines for the collar, and extend curved lines for the shoulders.

Next, use pairs of curved lines to sketch the guy’s muscular arms crossed across the chest.

Use curved lines to outline hands, fingers, and fabric at underarm, partially hidden behind crossed arms.

Create a curvilinear outline to depict the torso's rectangular shape and add a curved hem and contour for the shirt.

Draw the pants with long curved lines, overlapping to create folds, and outline the pockets and fly.

Sketch the shoe, incorporating detailed curved lines for the tongue, body, nose, and sole, and short lines for the laces.

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You too can easily draw a Man following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Man with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.