how to draw Marshmello from Fortnite

Draw a narrow, horizontal oval and a curved square with rounded corners to create a marshmallow-shaped head.

Use curved lines to outline the roughly rectangular shape of Marshmello's torso. Notice the "C" shaped line at the shoulder.

Form a curved arm with encircled shoulder, ribbed cuff formed by short lines at base.

Create arm with two diagonal lines and curve, band with short lines.

Form hands with curved lines, fingers ending in points, and add a curved rectangle on the back.

Create Marshmello's bandolier by drawing two pairs of parallel lines on the shoulder, a rectangle, and a banded rectangle on the torso.

Use long curved lines to outline the shape of Marshmello's legs.

Sketch Marshmello's shoes, emphasizing the tongue bulge, heel indention, sole line, and curved top band.

Draw Marshmello's face and clothing, including eyes, mouth, collar, wrinkles, square knees, pockets, zipper, and pants.

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You too can easily draw Marshmello from Fortnite following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Marshmello from Fortnite with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.