how to draw Moana step-by-step

Sketch Moana's head and neck, using a long, curved line for the face and wavy vertical lines for her hair.

Draw Moana's necklace, adding small circles for beads and a large circle at the bottom, then draw her blouse using curved lines.

Sketch Moana's arm with long, curved lines from the neck and blouse and depict fingers using "U" shaped lines.

Draw a bent arm with "V" shaped lines and add hair lines crossing it.

Connect the top of Moana's skirt, hand, and blouse with curved lines and descending lines.

Draw Moana's skirt with 3 descending lines, adding inverted triangles and cross hatching, and decorate with wavy lines.

Continue to draw Moana's full, wavy hair with a series of wavy, curved lines.

Use wavy lines to finish hair, enclose figure, and decorate blouse with curved lines and starburst.

Craft Moana's facial features with curved lines for eyebrows, eyes, and nose; shade for definition.

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You too can easily draw Moana following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Moana with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.