how to draw the Monopoly Man step-by-step

Draw Mr. Monopoly's face with eyes, curved eyebrows, "C" nose, mustache, and a "W" shaped mouth.

Draw the Monopoly man's head using curved lines to make a circle with an ear, hair, mouth, and outstretched arms.

Form a cuff with a narrow curved rectangle and enclose the hand and fingers with overlapping lines.

Draw the cuff with a rectangle and cufflink, extending curved lines to form hand and cane.

Draw a slanted "U" to create the brim, and add overlapping curved lines for the palm and fingers.

Create Mr. Monopoly's top hat with a curved line and "J" shape inside and a hatband drawn across.

Create a "V" shape under the chin and connect it to a head with short lines, then add three curves for a suit jacket.

Create a "W" shaped tail on the jacket and sketch the pants with curved and "Y" shaped lines.

Add final details to Monopoly Man outline: shade 3 circles for buttons, complete leg and shoes with curved lines.

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You too can easily draw the Monopoly Man following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Monopoly Man with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.