how to draw Mountains step-by-step

You too can easily draw Mountains following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Mountains with step-by-step drawing  instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw evergreen trees in the foreground using connected curved lines to create a mountain outline.

Draw a long wavy line between the trees, with shorter curved lines above and below it. This forms the shore of the lake.

Draw wavy, pointed lines, adding waves to the surface of the lake.

Draw pine trees using curved lines for the shape and rectangles or squares at the bottom for the trunks.

Draw trees with curved and zigzag lines, detail with "V"s, and a single pine with triangle and rectangle.

Draw a long, curved line with a peak in the middle, and texture the side with curved lines.

Draw another, taller mountain, using a blunted “V” shaped line. Contour its sides with long curved lines.

Use curved lines to outline and contour two more mountains.

Draw a series of “U” shaped lines across the top of each mountain, enclosing the snowy icecaps.

Get the full tutorial with all  drawing steps and a video  tutorial via the link below. It's FREE!