how to draw  a Mouse step-by-step

Draw a curved line and an oval with two circles inside, then shade for the eye.

Draw the ear using a "C" shaped line, allowing an overlap with the line of the face. Draw a small circle to form the nose.

Use curved lines to enclose the ear and form the mouth from a line from the nose.

From the mouth, extend another curved line to form the mouse's neck. Contour the jaw with curved lines.

Use curved lines to draw the mouse's front leg and paw. Draw short lines at the top of the paw to indicate the edge of the fur.

Extend a long curved line from the side of the ear to form the mouse's back.

Draw a curved line to outline the rear leg, then connect it with another curve to depict the mouse's belly.

Use overlapping curved lines to sketch the rear paw.

Use two parallel curved lines to depict the long, hairless tail of a mouse, converging into a sharp point at the end.

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You too can easily draw a Mouse following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Mouse with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.