how to draw a Museum step-by-step

Draw the building's foundation with a horizontal line, two diagonal zigzag lines, and vertical and diagonal lines for stairs.

Draw straight lines across staircase and columns, enclosing incomplete semicircle shapes and band with curved lines.

Extend curved lines from semicircles, connect them, add rectangles and spiral shapes above one rectangle.

Create a matching set of columns by adding spirals, lines, and a rectangle, culminating in a banded third column.

Draw the fourth column base and complete it with curved lines, small rectangles, and straight lines connecting the bases.

Create a spiral and connect lines and rectangles to columns for decoration.

Sketch the final column's spiral filigree and rounded rectangles with straight horizontal lines between outer columns.

Create doors and arched windows on the front of the building using rectangles, squares, and curved lines.

Draw two overlapping triangles, a small circle, and straight lines to form barred windows, labeling with "MUSEUM."

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You too can easily draw a Museum following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Museum with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.