how to draw a Nine-Tailed Fox step-by-step

Outline the ears and eyes with curved lines, shading the lobed shapes and adding detail to the crown and brow.

Draw a fox's fur with curved lines meeting at jagged points and shading the nose and mouth.

Using curved and overlapping lines, draw a muscular forearm and hand with sharp claws.

Create the final foreleg with overlapping curves and sharp-clawed pairs of curves.

Draw the back, shoulder, belly, and rear leg with curved lines and add claws with pointy, paired curves.

Begin drawing the fox's long tails. Use pairs of curved lines that meet at points to draw the first three tails.

Draw three more tails, again using long curved lines that meet at points. Notice how some of the tails overlap.

Draw three tails with long curved lines meeting at points and erase any overlapping parts.

Add the texture of fur by drawing many curved lines along the length of the tails and the rear leg.

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You too can easily draw a Nine-Tailed Fox following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Nine-Tailed Fox with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.