how to draw Pete the Cat step-by-step

Begin the Pete the cat outline by drawing his eyes. Use curved lines to sketch the half-circle shapes.

Draw two partial circles in each eye and shade between them, then add an upside-down triangle for Pete's nose.

Sketch Pete's head with overlapping curved lines for top, triangular ears, sides, and bottom.

Draw the whiskers and body using curved and "L" shaped lines to depict a cat's facial and body features.

Use straight and curved lines to draw leg and belly shapes, completing the whiskers with opposite side curves.

Draw a tennis shoe on Pete's front paw with an inverted triangle tongue and curved and straight lines.

Draw a straight line for the leg's back, add a shoe with an inverted triangle, curved sides and sole, and straight line laces.

Draw curved lines from Pete's back and hips, spiraling to form a tail, and a sneaker on his front foot.

Draw a complete Pete the cat outline with an inverted triangle, curved lines, and short straight lines.

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You too can easily draw Pete the Cat following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Pete the Cat with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.