how to draw the Police step-by-step

Sketch the police officer's face using curved lines to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, and shade the pupils.

Curved lines are used to outline the head, ears, cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and inside of ears.

Use curved lines to outline the hair, the bill of the hat, the hatband, and the crown of the police hat.

Draw a police hat with a curved line and inverted triangle, then add shirt collar, necktie and hand.

Sketch a shield-like police badge with a large circle in the center and curved lines for the officer's fingers.

Sketch a five-pointed star inside the circle on the badge, then use curved lines to draw the officer's body, including his belt.

Create a belt buckle with a square and a smaller oval, attach handcuffs using curved lines for a 3D effect.

Draw both circular ends of the handcuffs, finish the belt and torso, and sketch the officer's leg and holster with curved lines.

Use curved lines to complete the outline of the pants and enclose the irregular shape of the shoes.

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You too can easily draw the Police following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking  Police with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.