how to draw a Race car step-by-step

Sketch arrow-like car body with overlapping lines, resembling triangle and elongate shape for chassis and spine.

Create a 3D car body with curved lines and shaded parallelograms and a rounded shape for the driver's compartment.

Draw a front car wing with curved and "V" shaped lines, partial and full parallelograms, and curved lines for wingtips.

Create a wheel with a tire, spokes, and suspension by drawing curved and straight lines.

Draw the remaining wheel and enclose a tire with curved and straight lines, connecting to the car body.

Create shapes to form rear suspension by drawing curved and straight lines on car.

Enclose rear tires with straight and curved lines, including circles and short lines on one wheel.

Use straight and curved lines to enclose the boxlike shapes of the rear wing and its sides.

Sketch driver's helmet, enclose egg shape, draw visor with curved lines, sketch roll hoop, shade rounded triangle.

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You too can easily draw a Race car following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Race car with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.