how to draw a Rainbow Trout step-by-step

Draw the face of the rainbow trout using a "V" and "J" shaped line, with a triangle for the eye and shaded oval for the pupil.

Draw the lower jaw using a rounded "V" shaped line. Then, contour the face, gills, and eye using curved lines.

Draw a long curved line for the fish's back, a short one for the head, and a fin with textured lines.

Sketch a long curved line for the fish's belly, add a fin near the tail base, and texture the dorsal fin with short lines.

Create and texture the fish's pectoral fin with a short and long curved line.

Create a textured heart-shaped tail by enclosing it with a wavy line and short curved lines.

Below the first pectoral fin, add a second one with short curved lines and a double-back curved line for the anal fin near the tail.

Draw another anal fin opposite the first. Then, detail the fish's body with its characteristic stripes. Use long curved lines.

Complete your rainbow trout outline by shading small ovals and circles along its head, body, and tail. These are the fish's spots.

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You too can easily draw a Rainbow Trout following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Rainbow Trout with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.