how to draw a Rainbow with a Pot of Gold

Create a pot of gold outline for the rainbow using curved lines for the sides and jagged points for the grass.

Sketch the pot's top with an oval and the handles with two connecting "C" lines.

Next, draw the gold coins in the mouth of the pot. Use connected "U" shaped lines to create the irregular shape.

Detail and texture the gold. Use many "C" shaped lines to indicate the roundness of the coins.

Use straight and curved lines to draw a cloud and rainbow leading towards a pot of gold.

Use six curved lines to show rainbow colors and add zigzag lines to depict shiny gold.

Draw a four-leaf clover on base of pot with curved stems and heart-shaped leaves, including jagged texture of grass.

Draw another grassy hill, and plant a three-leafed clover or shamrock on top, again using curved lines.

Add a shamrock and overlapping ovals for coins to complete a pot of gold outline on your rainbow.

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You too can easily draw a Rainbow with a Pot of Gold following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Rainbow with a Pot of Gold with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.