how to draw Rapunzel from Tangled

Draw Rapunzel's face with curved lines, including a "C" shaped ear, inner ear lines, and overlapping hairline.

Draw textured, long blonde hair with curved lines starting at the top and ending in sharp points.

Form Rapunzel's blouse by sketching wavy lines for lace at the neck and curved lines for sleeves and bodice.

Draw a striped blouse for Rapunzel, with a bow at the top and laced-up lines running down.

Extend and connect lines for sleeve, add lace at end, then draw curved lines for skirt with fabric details.

Draw Rapunzel's arm. Use a series of curved lines and "U" shaped lines to enclose her arm and fingers.

Continue drawing Rapunzel's long hair. Use a long curved line to outline the hair, and long and short lines to add texture.

Draw Rapunzel's arm holding her hair with curved and "U" shaped lines for both.

Illustrate Rapunzel's facial features and long hair using simple shapes, curved lines, and texture.

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You too can easily draw Rapunzel from Tangled following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Rapunzel from Tangled with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.