how to draw Ron Weasley step-by-step

Outline two curved lines, connect with another and add loose triangles for eyes and mouth.

Sketch swooping lines for the hair, a curved triangle for the jaw, and an oval for the ear.

Finish hair with two arched lines, add texture with curved lines, sketch oval ear and curved inner ears and brows.

Create two triangles like tortilla chips with a downward triangle in between, adding a curved collar and hexagon center.

Draw a mirrored triangle, narrow rectangle, then downward triangle with a curvy, straight upper arm.

Use long oval shapes for the fingers. Draw a rectangle in the center for the wand. Make sure that the fingers overlap the wand.

Add a rectangle and lines to the wand, make a line for the robe, and draw hand and sleeve shapes.

Draw two straight lines for the robe, add curved lines, a triangle, an arrow, and dashes.

Draw an elongated curve for the left shoe, a loose oval for the right, add rectangles, and complete with curved pants lines.

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You too can easily draw Ron Weasley from Harry Potter following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Ron Weasley with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.