how to draw a Rose with Stem step-by-step

Start by drawing a long, curved line, from the middle of your paper almost all the way to the bottom.

Next, follow the same curve and draw a line on each side of your first line.

Create a rose stem by connecting three lines with a curved line starting and ending at the bottom of each.

Draw three triangles, slanting upwards and attached by their bases to the stem, to create thorns on each side.

Remove the initial guideline and erase the bottom right triangle sides beyond the stem line for dimension.

Draw a curved arc extending from the stem, meeting a second arc just above it in a point.

Draw two arcs on the left of the stem between the two upper thorns to create central leaf veins for the rose.

Draw a leaf by making an arc upwards, then downwards, a longer arc leftwards, and four jagged points.

Connect jagged points above and below the vein of the second leaf to its tip using arcs.

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You too can easily draw a Rose with Stem following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Rose with Stem with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.