how to draw Scooby Doo step-by-step

First, draw Scooby's snout with a curved, inverted triangle for the nose, curved lines for the upper lip, and shaded oval eyes.

Create Scooby's head with curved lines for mouth, tongue, and jaw, plus folds, forehead, ears, neck, eyebrows, and inner ear.

Draw Scooby's collar with a diamond-shaped name tag featuring the letters "SD" attached to it.

Outline Scooby's back with a curved line, adding an irregular triangle at the base and curved lines for the hip and leg.

Extend an "S" shaped line from the hip, and double it back upon itself to form the tail.

Use curving lines to draw Scooby's foreleg with pointed shoulder and ankle, and form toes using "C" shapes on both feet.

Extend a long, curved line from the collar to the foreleg to outline Scooby's chest and stomach.

Use long, curved lines to sketch Scooby's foreleg. Enclose the foot using "C" shaped lines to form the toes.

Use a series of curved lines to draw Scooby's rear leg and paw. Enclose several spots on his back and shoulder.

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You too can easily draw Scooby Doo following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Scooby Doo with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.