how to draw a Skeleton step-by-step

You too can easily draw a Skeleton by following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Skeleton with step-by-step drawing  instructions, and video tutorial.

Draw curved line for head, shaded ovals for eyes and two smaller ones at the mouth; draw "V" for nose and curved lines for teeth.

Draw a partial circle above head and connect sides to neck bones, with short lines connecting neck bones to collar bones.

Draw more ribs, again extending pairs of curved lines and connecting them on the ends.

Draw the arm by sketching curved lines for the shoulder blades, humerus, ulna and radius.

Use curved lines to sketch the shoulder and arm bones on the opposite side, forming a mirror image of the first.

Draw a round shape at the end of each arm, then enclose curved lines to create the fingers. Divide these with short curved lines.

Draw 2 curved lines below the ribs connected by a triangle, band the spine. Add 2 irregular shapes around triangle for hip bones.

Draw curved lines to create the bones of the leg. The foot is drawn as a rounded triangle with overlapping circles at its bottom.

Draw the remaining leg and foot, forming a mirror image of the opposite leg.

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