how to draw an Easy Sloth Face  step-by-step

Draw two egg shapes that point toward each other, then sketch an overlapping line at the bottom of each shape.

Add a circle inside each eye. In the middle, draw an oval with a slightly pointed bottom.

Sketch ovals inside the nose for the nostrils. Make a vertical line underneath the nose with two curves on either side.

Draw a curve for the chin, then add a dash on either side of the mouth. Add short dashes above the eyes.

Sketch a curve on either side of the nose for added depth. Draw an oval with a slightly flattened bottom around the head.

Add two dashed lines above the nose, then use round lines for sketching fur like a cartoon bear or rabbit.

Draw long curves and sketchy lines above the eyes for more fur.

Around each eye, outline an oval shape that curves downward into a round point, like a stretched-out teardrop.

Make two lightning bolt shapes around the mouth. Afterward, try drawing a full-body sloth for more practice.

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You too can easily draw an Easy Sloth Face following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Easy Sloth Face with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.