how to draw Snow White step-by-step

Begin by sketching Snow White's face. Use curved lines to outline the cheek, jaw, neck, forehead, and hair.

Create a bow at the top of the forehead with a rounded knot, irregular shapes, detailed folds, and a ribbon.

Using overlapping curved lines, enclose Snow White's hair and extend it to the side of the face or neck.

Draw Snow White's collar using curved lines, extending it past her face and enclosing it with more curves.

Create Snow White's puffy sleeve with overlapping curved lines, adding short straight lines and curved connections.

Extend a pair of curved lines from the sleeve to outline Snow White's arm.

Create the dress bodice with curved lines, form the sides and collar, add a seam, and detail the skirt and sleeve.

Encircle puff sleeve and decoration, add small rectangle to complete it, and draw curved lines for the arm.

Use curved lines for eyebrows, nose, and mouth, round eyes with one pointed side, smaller circles and shading for pupils.

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You too can easily draw Snow White following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Snow White with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.