how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art

Shade Sonic's head, including three horizontal blocks, a "Z" shape, and four diagonal blocks.

Shade seven pixels in an "L" shape and trace a diagonal line of 17 pixels for the bottom of the head.

Add details to Sonic's face with sets of three, two, and one block, then sketch the body with a series of five and two blocks.

Shade Sonic's foot with a combination of horizontal and vertical blocks on the top, bottom, and back.

Effectively depict a gap between segments by leaving some unshaded while drawing the back, foot, and overlapping areas.

Shade the blocks that outline Sonic's arms. Notice the "Z" shaped segment of one arm and the diagonal nature of the other.

Create the mouth outline by connecting segments of different block amounts with thin lines.

Use thin lines to add face detail, "L" shaped lines for ears, and straight lines for eye outlines.

Add details to Sonic's body by adding thin lines to his gloves, shoes, and belly, as well as on his shoulder.

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You too can easily draw Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Art with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.