how to draw Spider-Man step-by-step

Draw Spider-Man's face with curved and thick lines for his head, neck, shoulders, and eye spots.

Use curved lines to draw Spider-Man's shoulders and torso, and to contour the collar bones and pectoral muscles.

Draw Peter's arm using curved lines for the sides and fingers, and a short line for the elbow bend.

Sketch Peter's bent arm with a fist using overlapping curved lines.

Use curved lines to sketch Spider-Man's muscular leg, overlapping at the knee and calf, with short lines for contouring.

Draw the remaining leg. Again, use long curved lines and note the overlap at the knee. Contour the knee with short curved lines.

Use various curved lines to create a suit for Spider-Man featuring rectangular blocks, a "V" torso, and curved boots.

Draw the Spider-Man logo using a circle and teardrop shape for the spider, eight curved lines for legs, and a grid pattern for his web.

Continue the spider web pattern across his shoulders, arms, hands, and boots.

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You too can easily draw Spider-Man following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Spider-Man with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.