how to draw Stick Figures Dancing

Draw a happy face emoji with a shaded circle, two ovals for eyes, and a curved smiling mouth.

Use curved lines to create a body with a heart-shaped hand and a short line for the head.

Extend a spiral line for the arm and a long line for the leg, enclosing a point for a high-heeled shoe.

Draw a leg and shoe, then create curving lines from the head to form the dancer's hair.

Begin drawing another face - a circle and two shaded oval eyes.

Create an open, smiling mouth with curved lines and draw a body with hair and arms connecting to another dancer's hand.

Use a curved line to enclose the second dancer's arm, hand, and foot, grasping the first dancer's hand.

Draw a leg and foot with a long line and rounded shape, add a music note overhead, then shade an oval below for a sixteenth note.

Draw quarter and eighth notes, following the same pattern: a line, a shaded oval, and possibly a small triangle.

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You too can easily draw Stick Figures Dancing following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw great looking Stick Figures Dancing with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.