how to draw  a Sun and Moon step-by-step

Draw a circle and a curved line with a short line at the end for the sun, moon, and crescent moon.

Draw three curved lines to complete the crescent moon outline, then add smiling mouths for the sun and moon.

Use curved lines to outline the sun's closed eye, using thicker lines for the eye and outlining the upper and lower lids and brow.

Draw the moon's closed eye and first sun ray with curved lines and a slit between the lids.

Draw a sun with a short, squat curved triangle and a tall, wavy curved triangle.

Continue the pattern of a short, squat triangle and a tall, wavy triangle. Draw each using curved lines.

Outline a cloud with a "C" shape and straight line below the moon, then enclose the sun's rays with curved lines.

Use "U" shaped lines of different sizes to enclose the puffy shape of the cloud. Erase portions of the moon as necessary.

Create a new cloud by drawing a straight line with a "U" shaped top behind the sun and moon.

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You too can easily draw a Sun and Moon following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Sun and Moon with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.