how to draw a Super Mom step-by-step

Sketch the Super Mom's cheerful face with curved lines for eyes, nose, and mouth, and shaded ovals for pupils.

Draw a detailed depiction of the woman's facial features utilizing curved lines.

Draw the ear, neck, and hair with curved lines, highlighting the jagged bangs, circular head, and ponytail.

Sketch the mom's body using curved lines for the shoulder, arm, fist, and top of the cape.

Draw the muscular torso and remaining arm using curved lines. Notice the lines that detail the abdominal muscles.

Outline the glove fingers with curves, add a waist belt, and sketch a rectangular shape.

Draw a leg with curved lines that converge at the foot, and add boot and knee details.

Draw the remaining leg using a series of curved lines. Don’t forget to band the top of the boot.

Draw Super Mom's flowing cape and logo with a curved triangle and "M" instead of "S" inside a pentagon.

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You too can easily draw a Super Mom following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Super Mom with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.