how to draw Tinkerbell step-by-step

Draw Tinker Bell's face with curved lines and shaded circles for the eyes, and use curved lines for hair, features and details.

Use curved lines - some of which meet at jagged points - to draw Tinker Bell's hair, her hair tie, and her ponytail.

Extend two curved lines beneath the head to form the neck. Then draw the arm and hand using overlapping curved lines.

Draw overlapping arm, hand, then partial heart to create Tinker Bell's dress.

The sides of the dress are formed by extending curved lines and the hem is jagged and triangular.

Draw Tinker Bell's leg and foot with curved lines, connecting at the tip and banding the shoe, including a circle and short line.

Outline the remaining leg and knee with a curved line, adding a circle on top of the shoe.

Use long curved lines to create Tinker Bell's wings, meeting at a point and including a smaller lower wing.

Draw the final large wing, again using a pair of long, curved lines that meet at a point.

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You too can easily draw Tinkerbell following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Tinkerbell with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.