how to draw Tom from Tom and Jerry

Sketch Tom's face with curved lines for forehead, cheek, chin and fur tufts using short, overlapping lines.

Using U-shaped lines, draw Tom's mouth, enclosing a peanut shape with an open "U" above, then sketch the nose inside.

Sketch Tom's ears using curved lines, with details drawn for the inner ear in short lines.

Use long, curved lines to sketch Tom's torso. Notice how the lines converge and overlap between the chest and abdomen.

Use curved lines to draw Tom's arm, hand, and fingers, with an overlapping bent elbow and zigzag wrist.

Use curved lines for arm, jagged lines for fur texture, "U" shape for fingers and thumb, and zigzag for wrist.

Sketch Tom's bent legs with jagged lines and curved lines for feet, toes, and the bottom pad.

Outline Tom's belly with a long, curved line and draw a pair of lines that converge to create the tail, then add a zigzag line.

Draw curved lines to illustrate Tom's face, add whiskers and a tongue, and enclose eyes and eyebrows.

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You too can easily draw Tom from Tom and Jerry following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Tom from Tom and Jerry with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.