how to draw  a TV step-by-step

Begin by drawing two straight lines that meet to form an "L" shape. This outlines the top and bottom of the television.

Draw two additional lines to enclose a shorter side, forming a trapezoid.

Draw an "L" shaped line parallel to the bottom and side of the TV. This begins the outline of the TV screen.

Draw two more straight lines, parallel to the top and remaining side of the TV. This completes the outline of the screen.

Connect short, straight lines from corners of one side to create a 3D effect for the TV.

Use a curved line to draw a semi-circular shape at the bottom of the TV. This begins the TV's base or stand.

Extend curved lines outward from the semicircle. Connect them using overlapping curved lines to form the base or stand.

Extend a curved line from the TV stand and double it back upon itself to form the remaining leg of the stand.

Draw straight lines to enclose a "Z" shape on the TV screen to indicate a glare, and add three small circles for control buttons.

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You too can easily draw a TV following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking TV with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.