how to draw a UFO step-by-step

Begin by drawing a narrow oval, slanted diagonally. This will form the middle section of your UFO.

Create a curved line from the underside of the oval, connecting it to both sides to add 3D effect.

Use a long, curved line to enclose a semicircle on the bottom side of the oval. This forms the base of the UFO.

Draw a smaller oval inside the original and add a curved line at the bottom to create a lip for the UFO's top.

Enclose a semicircle above the smaller oval, using a curved line connected to the oval on each side.

Erase the guide lines from the top of the UFO.

Enhance the UFO with glass-like light reflection by adding small circles, a flattened base, and half circles.

UFOs are often known by their eerie lights. Draw an array of long, straight lines extending from beneath the base of the UFO.

Add a line connecting small circles and draw a square escape hatch on the UFO's base with curved lines for detailing.

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You too can easily draw a UFO following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking UFO with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.