how to draw Vans step-by-step

Begin by drawing the toe of the shoe. Use a series of curved lines to outline the sides and bottom of the toe guard and cap.

Use a long curved line to outline the bottom and back of the shoe's sole.

Connect the front of the toe and the back of the sole using a pair of thick, parallel curved lines.

Draw the heel counter and collar with curved lines, using an “S” shape to create the top opening.

Curve the toe box and create a "J" shape for the vamp with laces.

Contour the shoe's upper with curved lines across the toe box, above the heel, and nearly parallel to the top line.

Add Vans famous sidestripe and eyelets with "C" shaped line to shoe for decoration and functionality.

Lace up shoes by connecting curved lines and creating a criss-cross pattern on each section of lace.

Draw curved lines to connect and intersect laces, then fill in tongue outline with short lines.

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You too can easily draw Vans following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Vans with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.