how to draw a  Walking Cat Outline

Draw a curved line on the right with a shorter dash underneath, and add a round triangle pointing left with an oval for the eye.

Create an ear shape with two curves and a mouth curve with a swirl and nose line.

Sketch downward strokes for the cartoon cat's neck and chest. Use jagged lines inside the ear.

Add three flowing lines to start the top of the cat's body, followed by a loop for the first leg.

Draw a curve in the center, add a few loose brushstrokes, then sketch a mildly curved line to complete the cartoon cat's leg.

Add a long curve that resembles a stretched-out S, then draw a curvy arrow to the right.

For the legs, draw loops like long fish hooks.

Add another loop for the final leg, then use brushstrokes to connect it to the body. Draw a vertical line to complete the leg on the right.

Use sweeping curves to complete your line drawing and make a shape like a long noodle.

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You too can easily draw a Walking Cat Outline following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Walking Cat Outline with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.