how to draw William Shakespeare

Draw the character's cartoon eyes with a curved lined triangular shape, a shaded pupil, and an eyelid.

Use curved lines to draw and shade the pupil inside the remaining eye, with a curved line indicating the eyelid above.

Create a crescent moon-shaped eyebrow above each eye and use curved lines to contour the eyes, nose, and mustache.

Finish the mustache with a curved line, connecting with scalloped lines, and adding a mouth and goatee.

Use curved lines to outline the face, noting the overlap near the ear and short lines for the beard.

Use curved lines to outline Shakespeare's hairstyle, including the ear, beard, and bottom lines.

Create a beard and collar for Shakespeare using short, connected curved lines and a bent rectangle.

Draw more contours on the collar. Then, use curved lines to outline the torso, shoulder, and striped sleeve.

Create a striped sleeve with curved lines and circles for buttons on the opposite side of the garment.

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You too can easily draw William Shakespeare following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking William Shakespeare with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.