how to draw a Wind Turbine step-by-step

Create a round hub for the wind turbine, extending three curved lines that double back to outline the blades.

Use straight and curved lines to draw the two turbines, connecting them to a shaft and forming blades.

Draw a blade with a doubled line, enclosed oval engine, parallel shaft lines, banded base, and round wind turbine shape.

Extend lines from hub, enclosing blades and oval-shaped engine compartment, connecting and banding base of shaft.

Draw a smaller fourth wind turbine with a hub, three blades, a shaft, and band.

Draw a landscape with turbines, a curved ground line, and a textured river in front.

Using short curved lines, draw shrubs and trees under the 295-foot-tall wind turbines, which are Statue of Liberty's height.

Use a series of curved lines to enclose more small trees under the turbines and in the distance, on the horizon.

Draw mountains and clouds in the distance with long curved lines for mountains and curved lines for clouds.

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You too can easily draw a Wind Turbine following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Wind Turbine with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.