how to draw Woody from Toy Story

Begin by sketching Woody's face. Use long, curved lines to contour his forehead, cheek, chin, and "C" shaped ear.

Draw a curved line across the forehead to the ear, adding hair and a neck below.

Sketch a curved triangular shape on one side and a curved rectangular shape on the other for Woody's shirt collar.

Outline one side of Woody's vest by extending three zigzag lines beneath the collar and using curved and parallel lines.

Draw a curved arm with a pointed elbow and a wavy cuff, ending with a curved hand.

Use curved lines and shapes to draw the hand, palm, arms, and checked shirt pattern on Woody.

Draw a large oval for the cowboy hat's brim, indicating stitching with overlapping curved lines and enclosing the crown.

Draw Woody's eyes using large circles. Enclose the eyebrows using curved lines.

Draw Woody's face, including his eyes with three circles and shading, his nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ear, and bandana.

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You too can easily draw Woody from Toy Story following the simple steps.

Learn how to draw a great looking Woody from Toy Story with step-by-step drawing instructions, and video tutorial.