10 Free Drawing and Coloring Printable Pages

Do you love to draw? Do you love to color? Are you looking for free coloring pages for kids and grownups alike? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you've come to the right place.

Easy Drawing Guides is home to hundreds of unique drawing tutorials, with more added every week. Now, we are introducing new printables for all of our drawing tutorials.

These printables include step by step drawing instructions, worksheets for tracing and grid drawing, as well as fun coloring pages to print.

Scroll down for the free downloadable PDF printables.

Our printable drawing guides are great for artists of all ages, from one to one-hundred and one. This safe learning environment is also ideal for your classroom or homeschooling curriculum.

Scroll down to access ten free coloring sheets and other printables. You'll also learn how you can gain access to our entire library of more than 1,000 printable tutorials, with new ones added every week.

An example of the printable pages:

Example of printable pages

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What Types of Printables Are Available?

All of our easy drawing ideas include four types of printables: step by step drawing instructions, trace the picture worksheets, grid drawing worksheets, and a coloring page.

Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Example of step by step printable tutorial

Each of our simple drawing tutorials includes step by step illustrations to help you bring your blank page to life.

You'll begin with an easy-to-draw element such as a curved line, straight line, square, circle, triangle, or rectangle. Each successive step adds additional lines and shapes until the drawing is complete.

In each step, previously drawn lines are shown in black, while new lines to be drawn are highlighted in blue. Some steps involve erasing lines drawn in earlier steps, so have your eraser handy!

You'll also find an example of a completed drawing, with suggestions on how to color your object or character.

Trace the Picture Worksheets

Example of picture tracing worksheet

Sometimes, we need a little helping hand to get us started and increase our confidence. Our trace the picture worksheets do just that.

Each trace the picture drawing printable features light, barely-there guidelines to help the artist get the placement of the lines and sizing ratios just right. 

Trace the picture drawing pages can be used alongside the step by step drawing guides.

Grid Drawing Worksheets

Example of grid drawing printable

Getting the size ratios just right can be a challenge when drawing an object. 

Our grid drawing worksheets feature the target image placed on a coordinate grid. The vertical y-axis is labeled 1 through 7, and the horizontal x-axis is labeled with the letters a through l.

Beneath the image is a second, blank coordinate grid. Students can use the squares with coordinating numbers and letters to copy the image into the blank grid. By examining one square at a time, artists can learn to make their drawings with the proper proportions. 

These worksheets, too, can be used with the aid of the step by step tutorials.

Coloring Pages

Example of coloring page printable

Everyone loves to color! From early childhood education to a relaxing pastime for adults, coloring is a fun and beneficial activity. 

Each drawing guide comes with printable coloring pages featuring the target drawing. Even if you don't want to take the time to draw a character or object yourself, you can have fun coloring it!

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The best part is, you can sample our drawing tutorials and coloring printables for free with no risk or obligation. Print your ten free drawing guides and coloring pictures, below.

10 free drawing tutorial printable pages

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Free Printables from Easy Drawing Guides

We've made ten of our favorite kids coloring pages, along with step by step drawing instructions, available to you for free, no membership required. 

If you like what you see, sign up today to access our library of thousands of simple coloring pages and drawing guides!

How to Draw a Lotus Flower

The lotus is often regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Bring the beauty of this flower into your life with our drawing guide and coloring pages. Simple curved lines form the delicately pointed petals and the lilypad-like verdure. See the Lotus Flower drawing tutorial and printable pages.

How to Draw a Sunset

When the sun goes down, you will love the warm glow of this drawing guide. Set sail to a tropical island. You can craft this scene using curved lines, a partial circle, and plenty of shading. See the Sunset drawing tutorial tutorial and printable pages.

How to Draw a Sloth

Along with foxes, llamas, and narwhals (for which you'll need a membership to access!), sloths are one of the hippest animals of the decade. Take it slow and hang out with this awesome animal today. See the Sloth drawing tutorial and printable pages.

Holding Hands

Free printable page - how to draw holding hands

In many cultures, holding hands is a symbol of love or friendship. The gesture can also afford protection or support. Learn how to draw or color two human hands. See the Holding Hands drawing tutorial and printable pages.
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Human Heart

Free printable page - how to draw real heart

This drawing guide is not for the faint of heart. Not your ordinary love-symbol, this human heart is quite detailed and anatomically correct. 

This coloring sheet is suitable for your science class as well as your art students. Can you identify the superior vena cava, the aortic arch, the carotid and subclavian arteries, the brachiocephalic trunk, the left and right atriums, the left ventricle, the apex, and the great cardiac vein together with the anterior interventricular artery? See the Human Heart drawing tutorial and printable pages.

Valentine Bear

Free printable page - how to draw valentine bear

What better way to say "I Love You" than with this adorable teddy bear holding a Valentine's heart. You'll learn how to turn a series of circles and lines into this furry friend. See the Teddy Bear With Heart drawing tutorial and printable pages.


Free printable page - how to draw mountains

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." This mountain drawing guide is calling to you, too. Learn to draw a captivating landscape using curved lines that meet at rugged points.

After your mountains are complete, consider an Easy Drawing Guides membership so that you can populate the scene with furry forest friends! See the Mountains drawing tutorial and printable pages.


Free printable page - how to draw clouds

Swirling clouds have long captivated the human imagination. A familiar childhood pastime involves picking out the shapes of animals and objects in their billowing forms.

This drawing guide will teach you how to draw a perfect cloud using curved lines and spirals. Will yours be a fluffy white cloud or a foreboding storm? See the Clouds tutorial and printable pages.


Free printable page - how to draw penguin

Penguins are flightless birds that live in the world's polar regions. These adorable animals have captured our hearts thanks to films such as The Pebble and the Penguin, Happy Feet, and March of the Penguins. From their endearing waddle to their courageous struggle against the icy elements, we love these little birds!

This penguin drawing guide uses simple elements including circles, rounded triangles, and "U" shaped lines. Then, dress up the penguin coloring sheet in tuxedo shades of white, cream, and black! See the Baby Giraffe drawing tutorial and printable pages.

Baby Giraffe

Free printable page - how to draw baby giraffe

From Geoffrey the Giraffe to Sophie la Girafe, this tallest of animals can warm your heart. Draw a wide-eyed baby giraffe using ovals and curved lines. See the tutorial and printable pages.
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