31 Sealife Drawing Tutorials for Kids

The world's oceans can be as strange and amazing as the far reaches of outer space. You can learn to draw each and every one of the alien denizens of the deep with the help of these simple, step-by-step sea life drawing tutorials... Read more

17 Easy Bug Drawing Tutorials

Are your insect drawing skills bugging you? Don't worry! We've got a whole swarm of insect drawing guides to help you learn how to sketch mosquitos, butterflies, bees, and more... Read more

51 Easy Fantasy Drawing Tutorials

When you make up your own fantasy stories, you can do anything. Winged unicorns, giant squid monsters, Greek gods, women with snakes instead of hair--it's all possible in a fantasy novel or comic book. Humans have made up stories about fantasy characters for centuries. Some of these stories are classic myths while others are fictional tales that people make up for entertainment... Read more

51 Really Easy Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

Have you ever looked at an amazing sketch or at a funny and insightful cartoon and thought, "I wish I could draw like that"? Well, you can! Drawing takes practice, but the super-easy, step-by-step drawing tutorials listed here are a great place to start... Read more

31 Easy Safari Animals Drawing Tutorials

Let's go on a wildlife safari! A safari is an expedition to see animals in the wild. Safaris are especially popular in Africa. Do you know which of the animals listed below you might see on an African safari? On the savannah, you might observe elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, crocodiles, hyenas, rhinos, hippos, and zebras...
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41 Easy Bird Drawing Tutorials

There are more than 10 thousand species of birds that call our planet home. Each one has unique patterns of feathers and various vocalizations that make it different from other types of birds. Here, you can learn how to draw many of these amazing animals... Read more

39 Easy Back to School Drawing Ideas

It's back to school time again! Did you finish your summer reading list? Have you gathered all your school supplies and picked out your school clothes? If you said yes, that's great!... Read more

21 Easy Tree Drawing Tutorials

Have you ever heard someone say, "You can't see the forest for the trees"? This saying describes someone who is so focused on details that they can't see the big picture... Read more

100 Easy Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Drawings

Would you like to learn how to draw? Using step-by-step drawing tutorials is a great way to build skills and confidence. How do step-by-step guides teach you how to draw? Our drawing guides use a simple system. Click on a guide that interests you. Then, look at each picture. Copy the lines and shapes that you see highlighted in blue...
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