36 Heart Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Have you ever doodled a heart in your notebook, on your hand, or somewhere else? Some people even sketch hearts in the dust or carve them into trees. Hearts are a favorite thing to draw...
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18 Easy Fruit Drawing Tutorials

Many fruits come into season in the summer and fall, but you can enjoy beautiful and delicious fruits year-round with the help of these easy fruit-themed drawing tutorials...
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31 Sealife Drawing Tutorials for Kids

The world's oceans can be as strange and amazing as the far reaches of outer space. You can learn to draw each and every one of the alien denizens of the deep with the help of these simple, step-by-step sea life drawing tutorials... Read more

17 Easy Bug Drawing Tutorials

Are your insect drawing skills bugging you? Don't worry! We've got a whole swarm of insect drawing guides to help you learn how to sketch mosquitos, butterflies, bees, and more... Read more

51 Easy Fantasy Drawing Tutorials

When you make up your own fantasy stories, you can do anything. Winged unicorns, giant squid monsters, Greek gods, women with snakes instead of hair--it's all possible in a fantasy novel or comic book. Humans have made up stories about fantasy characters for centuries. Some of these stories are classic myths while others are fictional tales that people make up for entertainment... Read more