Free Clothes Coloring Pages for Kids - 51 Printable Sheets

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Did you know that you can start practicing even now? These free clothes coloring pages for kids can give you the start you need!

You can use your crayons, colored pencils, markers, or gel pens to create fun patterns on dresses, skirts, shirts, and more.

Your designs don't have to stop with these simple pieces of clothing. Have you ever thought of customizing your own beanie or rain boots? What about a bow tie or a pair of Converses?

You will also find fun bits of cosplay costumes on the coloring pages below. Wear a knight's helmet, a pirate hat, a Mardi Gras mask, or a cape - the possibilities are endless.

Ready for something different than what was included in Free Clothes Coloring Pages list post? Take a peek at the great options found within Free Winter Coloring pages selection of guides and get inspired again!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive mittens coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Clothes Coloring Pages

Anime School Girl Uniform Coloring Sheet

Anime school uniforms have a distinctive look. They often include a pleated skirt, tall socks, and a collared shirt with a tie. Use navy blue, red, and white for a classic sailor look, or customize it with your favorite colors.

Beanie Coloring Sheet

Beanies with pom poms on top are a practical and cute addition to your winter wardrobe. Color this hat to match your favorite outfit.

Pants Coloring Sheet

Do you like to customize your blue jeans with rips, paint, patches, or rhinestones? You can use this coloring sheet to design the front and back of your perfect pair of pants.

Rubber Boots Coloring Sheet

Rubber boots come in solid colors - plain black or bright reds and yellows. But they also come with cute patterns - rainbows and unicorns, chickens, galloping horses, or anything you can imagine!

Skirt Coloring Sheet

Skirts are fun to mix and match with your favorite shirts. Color this one to complete your outfit. You can shade the layers with different colors or draw a cute pattern on the material.

Bow Tie Coloring Sheet

Girls wear bows in their hair, and guys can wear bow ties around their necks. Color this one or draw a fun pattern on it.

Football Helmet Coloring Sheet

Football helmets aren't just a fashion statement - they are important safety gear! They also help viewers identify which team each player belongs to. Color this one to match your favorite team.

Anime Dress Coloring Sheet

This fancy dress combines many hip elements - ruffles, tiers, cold shoulders, and keyhole cutouts. Color the dress to match the high-heeled shoes.

Hoodie Coloring Sheet

Hoodies are a wardrobe staple, no matter who you are. Color this one to match your favorite outfit or your school colors. You can even draw a logo or character on the front.

Rain Coat Coloring Sheet

Traditionally bright yellow in color, you can shade this raincoat to match the rain boots you colored, above.

Anime Skirt Coloring Sheet

Pleated skirts are a staple in Japanese animation. Sometimes, they are part of a school uniform. But they are also a cute fashion statement!

Shirt Coloring Sheet

Polo shirts look great on everyone. They are casual and comfortable but still dressier than a T-shirt. Color this polo to match your school colors, your work uniform, or your favorite outfit.

Converse Coloring Sheet

Whether you wear them to play basketball or simply to make a fashion statement, Converses are cool. Customize yours with your favorite colors.

Knight Helmet Coloring Sheet

A Halloween costume, a school play, larping with your friends - this knight helmet can be whatever you need it to be. Color its polished or rusty metal and its feathered plume.

Shoe Coloring Sheet

Are you a sneakerhead - you know, a tennis shoe collector? You can use this outline to color and design your ideal sneaker.

Graduation Cap Coloring Sheet

The mortarboard or graduation cap is a symbol of commencement - the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Traditionally, graduation hats are black, but many schools use their school colors.

Santa Hat Coloring Sheet

Ho, ho, ho! Get ready for the season with a red and white Santa hat, or color this cap in an imaginative way.

Anime Hoodie Coloring Sheet

Did you color the pullover hoodie, above? Now you can color this sporty zippered hoodie, too.

Man in a Suit Coloring Sheet

Church, prom, job interviews, work, weddings, funerals - there are many reasons to wear a suit like this one. Common suit colors include black, navy blue, brown, tan, or white. Sometimes, the jacket is a different color from the pants.

Cowboy Hat Coloring Sheet

Yee-haw! Cowboy up with this hat. Cowboy hats and cowgirl hats are commonly black, brown, white, or gray.

Hood Coloring Sheet

This could be the hood of a hoodie, a medieval cloak, or a Jedi's robes. The choice is yours, so color it accordingly.

Pirate Hat Coloring Sheet

Ahoy, me hardies! Pirates are often depicted wearing black captain's hats like this one, with a skull and crossbones on the front. You can also color the red bandana underneath and the parrot's feather stuck in the side.

Anime Women's Clothing Coloring Sheet

Anime characters often wear unique combinations of clothing, and this girl's outfit is no different. Color the button-down shirt, blazer, distressed jeans, and combat boots.

Cape Coloring Sheet

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... cape? This simple, sheet-like article of clothing has been worn by superheroes, vampires, military commanders, and royalty alike.

Jeans Coloring Sheet

When we think of jeans, we often think of blue denim. But jeans can come in many colors and even patterns. What color will your favorite jeans be?

Boots Coloring Sheet

These boots could be for working, hiking, or going to war. Either way, most boots are brown in color. Other common colors include tan, black, or grey.

Baseball Cap Coloring Sheet

Give any outfit a sporty look by adding a baseball cap. Draw the logo of your favorite team, and shade the cap in your team's colors.

Dress Coloring Sheet

This lovely dress could belong to a princess, a fairy - or even to you. Add your favorite colors to make it your own.

Anime Ripped Jeans Coloring Sheet

Do you like wearing ripped jeans? Dark blue, faded denim, black, or some other color - the choice is yours.

Anime Coat Coloring Sheet

Color this blazer black, navy blue, or the color of your favorite outfit. You never know when the weather will change and you'll be glad you brought your jacket.

Ballet Shoes Coloring Sheet

Ballet slippers have flat wooden toes for balancing and ribbons that tie them to the legs. Ballet shoes are often light pink or white, but they can come in any color.

Jacket Coloring Sheet

You can make this a leather jacket by coloring it black or brown, or you can make it any color you'd like.

Sweater Coloring Sheet

When it's sweater weather, both the cute cardigans and the ugly sweaters come out. Which type is pictured here? It all depends on how you color it.

Mardi Gras Mask Coloring Sheet

Purple, green, and gold are traditional Mardi Gras colors, but masks often match the colorful costumes of their wearers.

Mittens Coloring Sheet

Can you color these mittens to match the sweater and beanie that you colored above? If so, you will have the best outfit this winter!

Anime Shirt Coloring Sheet

Collared, button-down shirts are a wardrobe staple for everyone. You can leave the shirt white, color it one solid color, or draw a pattern of plaid, stripes, or a tropical Hawaiian print.

Plaid Coloring Sheet

This plaid block can be the beginning of a quilt or the pattern of one of the articles of clothing on this list. How many different plaid patterns can you color?

Scarf Coloring Sheet

Top off your winter wardrobe with a scarf. Can you color it to compliment the sweater, mittens, and beanie above?

Spartan Helmet Coloring Sheet

Relive history with this Greek warrior's helmet. Color its metal exterior and bright plume.

Top Hat Coloring Sheet

Dress up your look with a suave top hat. Black, brown, tan, or some other color - the choice is yours.

Chef Hat Coloring Sheet

Cook up something good when you color this traditional chef's hat. If you're feeling spicy, you can write the words "Kiss the Cook" on the front of it.

Ribbon Coloring Sheet

Many of the clothes in this list included a ribbon. Ribbons like this one are also used to raise awareness for different causes. For example, color your ribbon pink for breast cancer awareness or yellow for suicide prevention.

Face Mask Coloring Sheet

Don't forget your face mask during cold and flu season! Use bright colors to shade this mask with its cute kitten logo.

Stormtrooper Helmet Coloring Sheet

Stormtrooper helmets are bright white with black details. Sometimes, they are scored with laser burns or painted with identifying marks. At least one trooper has a bright red helmet.

Gas Mask Coloring Sheet

Gas masks were used by the military. As such, they usually come in standard army colors, such as olive drab or gray.

Witch Hat Coloring Sheet

Witch hats are usually black, green, or gray. Similarly shaped wizard hats may be blue and covered in stars.

Flower Crown Coloring Sheet

For music festivals or weddings, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Color the daisy petals to match the theme of the party or the colors in your outfit.

Cartoon Cowboy Hat Coloring Sheet

Cowboy hats are often black, brown, tan, or white in color. If you're getting ready for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour or a vacation in Nashville, consider coloring it pink or adding some sparkles!

Dress Design Coloring Sheet

Would you like to be a fashion designer when you grow up? Get started by customizing this pretty ball gown. You can choose the colors and patterns, and even add embellishments like glitter or draw additional pieces.

T-Shirt Coloring Sheet

Customize this basic t-shirt! You can draw whatever you'd like on the front of the shirt then color it in to match your favorite outfit.

Jordan Shoe Coloring Sheet

Calling all sneakerheads! Want to land a dream job at Nike designing the next generation of Air Jordans? Practice by coloring in this iconic shoe. Start a portfolio of your designs.

Clothes Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

Which of the above clothes coloring pages was your favorite? Did you color your favorite outfit, or explore something new?

What can you do with these coloring sheets? Well, you can download them, print them out, and bind them together to make your own coloring book. You could even cut them out to make clothing for paper dolls.

If you don't have a printer handy, you can still enjoy coloring the sheets online.

You know just how much fun the Free Clothes Coloring Pages can be – so why not level up your coloring skills by giving the Free House Coloring pages a go as well for maximum entertainment?

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