How to Draw a Nurse

How to Draw a Nurse Featured Image

A nurse is a medical professional who cares for the sick or injured. Though they have had many titles throughout history, skilled and educated caretakers have been documented since antiquity. Many lived in religious orders as nuns or monks... Read more

How to Draw a Japanese Dragon

How to Draw a Japanese Dragon Featured Image

A dragon is a legendary mythological creature. In Japanese mythology, the dragon is an air-spirit or water deity, and one of the deified forces of nature of the Taoist religion. Dragon gods and goddesses may transform into human form. Unlike their western counterparts, the Japanese dragon is usually wingless and serpent-like. The Dragon King is said to live deep in the sea... Read more

How to Draw Medusa

How to Draw Medusa Featured Image

In Greek mythology, the Medusa was the most famous of the creatures called Gorgons. The Gorgons were depicted as winged females with lolling tongues and hair made of snakes... Read more

How to Draw a Deer Skull

How to Draw a Deer Skull Featured Image

Deer are familiar mammals the world over. There are 43 species of deer, recognizable by their hoofed feet and many-pointed antlers. Deer are native to every continent except Antarctica and Australia... Read more

How to Draw a Beetle

How to Draw a Beetle Featured Image

The stag beetle or pinching bug describes about 900 species of beetles native to North and South America, Australia, Asia, and elsewhere. They are so named because their "elaborately branched and toothed mandibles" resemble the antlers of a stag or male deer. Most stag beetles are less than 2 inches (40 millimeters) long, but one species can exceed 4 inches (100 millimeters)... Read more

How to Draw a Chibi SD Gundam

How to Draw a Chibi SD Gundam - Featured Image

What happens when you mix the chibi or super deformed art style - which morphs familiar characters into childlike forms with oversized heads and large eyes - with heavily armed, mechanized Gundam battle suits? You get anime magic!... Read more