Free Mandala Coloring Pages - 16 Printable Sheets

You can discover the ancient art of mandalas through these free mandala coloring pages. But what is a mandala, you ask?

Mandalas are configurations of geometric shapes and symbols. Often, they are arranged in circles, but rectangles and other shapes can also be used.

Mandalas originated as religious icons. Their purpose was to help a person focus and meditate, to designate a holy place, or to map out the relationship of deities, places, or powers to one another.

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Today, many people color mandalas as a form of relaxation. The focused and repetitive nature of the patterns can help you forget your troubles and capture a few moments of peace.

Let the stress melt away as you color this collection of mandalas below.

Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive geometric star mandala coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Beginner Mandala Coloring Sheet

If you're new to coloring mandalas, this easy one is a great place to start. You will notice the concentric circles, the peacock feather pattern, and the flower at the center.

Stained Glass Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala resembles a stained glass window or a tile mosaic. It is a classic pattern with a lotus blossom surrounded by a circle.

Star Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala is highly geometric. Aside from the outer circle, all the lines are straight and meet at points. You might see a small eight-pointed star in the middle or a larger one around it.

Spiral Mandala Coloring Sheet

Like many, this mandala features a flower pattern, but it is unique in that its petals form a spiral shape around the flower's center.

Geometric Star Mandala Coloring Sheet

A star, a flower, or both? What do you see in this mandala? Either way, the star or flower has three layers of rays or petals surrounded by a double circle.

Easy Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala could represent a star, a flower, or a snowflake - the choice is yours. The geometric figure is surrounded by a thick black circle.

Simple Mandala Coloring Sheet

Is that a flower at the mandala's center, or a star? Maybe it is the pupil of a piercing reptilian eye surrounded by scales. The colors you choose for the pattern will reveal all.

Abstract Rose Mandala Coloring Sheet

Have you ever drawn a rose with overlapping petals? You will see one in the middle of this mandala. It is surrounded by a simple circle, which could also be interpreted as part of the flower.

Geometric Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala looks like an eye peering deep into your soul. It also looks like a woven vessel drawing your attention to the spot at the center.

Celestial Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala could represent the birth of a star, its life-sustaining blaze, or its death as a supernova. It could also be interpreted as an exotic flower. How will you interpret it?

Simple Spiraling Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala is a brain-bending optical illusion. Does it look like a simple spiral to you? The shell-like outer layer gives that effect to the concentric circles on the inside. How does the effect change based on the colors you choose?

Flower Mandala Coloring Sheet

This flower-shaped design has been freed from its constraining circle. What colors will you choose for the petals? Will some of the shapes become green leaves?

Floral Mandala Coloring Sheet

This beautiful flower shape hearkens to traditional mandala designs of India and the Middle East. The delicate petals look like those of a lotus surrounded by its lily pad-like leaves.

Lotus Mandala Coloring Sheet

We've mentioned lotus flowers in many of the designs above. This mandala purposefully resembles the sacred flower. Lotus blossoms come in many colors including red, yellow, pink, and purple.

Calming Mandala Coloring Sheet

Does this mandala make you feel calm? Its curved rather than straight lines are meant to soothe your woes away. There are lots of small segments for you to add different colors to.

 Free Printable Mandala Coloring Sheet

This mandala combines triangles and circles in a pattern with a distinctly Aztec or Mayan aesthetic, similar to their famous stone calendars.

Free Mandala Coloring Pages

Which of these amazing mandala coloring pages was your favorite? If you need to take a dose of calming meditation with you wherever you go, you can download all sixteen pages, print them out, and bind them together into a mandala-themed coloring book.

Did you know? You can also make mandala suncatchers to brighten your windows. Print the pictures on clear or translucent sheets, color them, and cut them out. 

Then attach them to your windows with clear tape or suction cups. The sun will shine through and illuminate the bright colors.

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