How to Draw a Japanese Dragon

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A dragon is a legendary mythological creature. In Japanese mythology, the dragon is an air-spirit or water deity, and one of the deified forces of nature of the Taoist religion. Dragon gods and goddesses may transform into human form. Unlike their western counterparts, the Japanese dragon is usually wingless and serpent-like. The Dragon King is said to live deep in the sea... Read more

How to Draw a Magnifying Glass

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The magnifying glass or hand lens is a convex optical lens, mounted on a handle and used to visually magnify objects. They are commonly used for reading, examining jewelry, or observing plants and insects... Read more

How to Draw a Peanut

How to Draw a Peanut Featured Image

The peanut is a favorite salty snack, often linked with childhood memories of circuses or airplane rides, where roasted, salted peanuts are provided as snacks. Peanuts are also called groundnuts, earthnuts, monkey nuts, or goobers... Read more

How to Draw a Rose Bud

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There are about 100 different species of plants in the rose family. They are native to temperate areas in the Northern Hemisphere, namely in Asia, Europe, and North America. Many are cultivated by gardeners around the world for both their beauty and their sweet scent... Read more

How to Draw a Tank

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The tank is a heavily armoured military combat vehicle that crawls along on tracks. The armor protects the soldiers inside. The chain-like tracks allow it to travel over difficult terrain. Tanks are often heavily armed with very large guns... Read more

How to Draw Medusa

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In Greek mythology, the Medusa was the most famous of the creatures called Gorgons. The Gorgons were depicted as winged females with lolling tongues and hair made of snakes... Read more

How to Draw a Spoon and Fork

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Spoons are utensils for cooking, eating, and serving food that consist of a small bowl and a handle. Its companion the fork is made up of at least two prongs and a handle. Together, forks and spoons are known as flatware... Read more

How to Draw "Love" in Bubble Letters

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Love is defined as "a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person." In English, the word "love" describes a range of emotions, ranging from a romantic attraction to familial loyalty and friendship. Love is often symbolized by the shape of the heart... Read more