How to Draw a Firetruck

how to Draw a Firetruck Featured Image

"Where there's smoke, there's fire," as the old saying goes. If there's a fire, you need a firetruck! This cartoon firetruck drawing tutorial can help you learn how to draw one... Read more

How to Draw a Dragon Tattoo

How to Draw a Dragon Tattoo Featured Image

Dragons have long mystified mankind. These monstrous legendary creatures are typically seen as serpent-like, many having wings or the ability to fly. In fact, the English word "dragon" is derived from the Greek word drakon, referring to a large serpent. Some have legs or the features of terrestrial beasts. Many had "extraordinary breath," able to exhale smoke, fire, water, ice, or wind... Read more

How to Draw a Fireplace

How to Draw a Fireplace Featured Image

A fireplace is an architectural structure used to hold an open fire within a building. The primary purpose of a fireplace may be heating or cooking. Some are used for blacksmithing or smelting metal. Chimneys often accompany the fireplace to evacuate the smoke... Read more