How to Draw a Thinking Face

How to Draw a Thinking Face Featured Image

The Thinker, sometimes called Poet or Poet/Thinker, is a famous statue of a man in deep reflection. He has his hand to his chin, much as does the character in this drawing guide. The sculpture was made by French artist Auguste Rodin in 1880... Read more

How to Draw a Realistic Eye for Beginners

How to Draw a Realistic Eye for Beginners Featured Image

The eyes are one of the most important aspects of a sketch or character. Eyes are extremely expressive of emotion. Even if the rest of the face is not visible, the shape of the eyes can convey happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, or anger. Sleepless eyes can be red and bloodshot, or have dark "bags" underneath. Sad eyes may emit tears... Read more

How to Draw a Beard

How to Draw a Beard Featured Image

The beard is the facial hair grown on a man's chin and cheeks. The Encyclopaedia Britannica calls the beard a "badge of manhood," as it appears only when a young male becomes physically mature... Read more

How to Draw a Mustache

How to Draw a Mustache Featured Image

The mustache, sometimes spelled moustache, is hair on the upper lip. Throughout history, different mustache styles have fallen in and out of fashion. Often, the mustache was worn with a beard, but even ancient Egyptian artifacts show bearless mustaches. At times, laws regarding facial hair were even enacted, forcing men to either shave or not shave their mustache... Read more

How to Draw the Peace Sign

How to Draw the Peace Sign Featured Image

A number of symbols have been used to represent the concept of peace. These include the dove and olive branch, the symbol of the British nuclear disarmament movement (commonly called the peace sign or peace symbol), the broken rifle, and the lion and the lamb... Read more

How to Draw Crossed Arms

How to Draw Crossed Arms Featured Image

Crossing one's arms can be a form of nonverbal communication, making one's feelings known through gestures and posture. The crossing of the arms may indicate stubbornness, defiance, rebellion, skepticism, or hostility. For example, a child may cross his or her arms when defying the instructions of a parent or teacher. It is often accompanied by a frown... Read more

How to Draw Lungs

How to Draw a Lungs Featured Image

The lungs are among the largest organs in the human body. These muscular air sacs are located within the chest. When air is brought into the lungs, the body takes in oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the blood. The heart then pumps the oxygenated blood to the body... Read more

How to Draw a Skull in 3/4 View

How to Draw a Skull in 3/4 View Featured Image

The skull has, naturally, long been a symbol of death. In one famous scene from the 1948 film Hamlet, the title character holds and speaks to the skull of his friend while he delivers a soliloquy about the deceased. Skulls appear in much artwork throughout history. Today, they can be seen on t-shirts, tattoos, certain branded items, and other merchandise... Read more

How to Draw Teeth and Lips

How to Draw Teeth and Lips Featured Image

Lips have long featured in popular culture. Since time immemorial, poets have waxed romantic about the fleshy protuberances surrounding the mouth. William Shakespeare cast young Romeo to swoon over his Juliet: "Thy lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand." Love letters are sealed with a kiss, and school supplies, clothing, and everything in between may be emblazoned with puckered lips, especially near the... Read more