Free Chibi Coloring Pages for Kids – 13 Printable Sheets

Chibi characters are so cute! With their small bodies, large heads, and large eyes, chibi characters are adorably childlike. You can find your favorite characters or make new friends with these free chibi coloring pages for kids.

Some of our chibi characters are normal boys and girls. Others are superheroes, supervillains, or heroes from a galaxy far, far away.

There are chibi animals, too! Find unicorns, wolves, Pokémon, and cats.

Chibi characters are used to express emotion in manga comics and anime cartoons. Often, color plays a role in this, perhaps by reddening the cheeks of an embarrassed character. Get your crayons and markers ready to do the same!

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Online Coloring Pages for Kids

Get creative with this interactive chibi cat coloring page. Experiment with unique color combinations and see which one looks the best!

In addition to the usual printable coloring pages, we also have online coloring available for every coloring sheet in this post!

Just scroll down, and you'll find the coloring options for each coloring page.

Free Chibi Coloring Pages

Chibi Deadpool Coloring Sheet

Deadpool is not the easiest guy to get along with - he is an antihero, after all. But you can color this cute version's red and black costume.

Anime Chibi Girl Coloring Sheet

This chibi girl is wearing a classic anime schoolgirl uniform. Color it in white, blue, and red Sailor Moon style, or make it your own.

Chibi Loki Coloring Sheet

As a chibi figure, this powerful trickster becomes a tiny terror. Color his black suit, green eyes and cape, and horned golden helmet.

Chibi Supergirl Coloring Sheet

With her blonde hair and red cape flowing in the wind, color Supergirl as she flies to the rescue. She wears a red, blue, and yellow suit featuring the iconic Superman emblem.

Chibi Cat Coloring Sheet

This little kitty is just too cute! If you've ever wanted a perpetual kitten, this one is for you. Color his fur a solid color or decorate it with spots or stripes.

Chibi SD Gundam Coloring Sheet

Robotic suit terror or cute figurine? Color this mobile suit Gundam. Use bright colors like white, red, yellow, and blue.

Chibi Rey from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

This young Jedi is ready for anything - and she'll look cute beside! Color her brown hair and her tan desert garb.

Chibi Boy Coloring Sheet

Turn yourself or your crush into a chibi character! You can customize the colors of this boy's hair, eyes, skin, and clothing.

Cute Chibi Pikachu Pokémon Coloring Sheet

Pikachu has long been regarded as a cute Pokémon companion, but this illustration takes that to a whole new level. Color his yellow fur, black ear tips, and red cheeks.

Chibi Wolf Coloring Sheet

Grey, black, white, or reddish-brown - you get to decide the coat color of this pup. Print out multiples of this coloring sheet and create an entire wolf pack!

Chibi Spider-Man Coloring Sheet

Enter the spider-verse with this cute chibi version of Peter Parker. Color him the standard red and blue, or shade him darkly like Miles Morales. You could even make the suit pink like Spider-Gwen!

Chibi Han Solo from Star Wars Coloring Sheet

Han Solo is one tough pilot and smuggler, even when he stands small as a chibi character. Color his brown hair, black vest, dark pants, and brown boots.

Chibi Unicorn Coloring Sheet

You can use all the colors of the rainbow or just your favorites to bring this wide-eyed unicorn to life.

Free Chibi Coloring Pages - Which One Was Your Favorite?

You can enjoy these coloring pages online, or you can download them, print them out, and color them by hand.

Use them to make cute decorations or bind the pages together to make a chibi coloring book!

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